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It’s jungle out there

I thought of reporting some funny incident from this morning.
Because the bio-garbage is outside in the backyard I had to get there to throw away the apple leftovers. Just after I put the slippers on, a small (15cm long) lizard just crossed my path. I screamed..actually I squeaked.:) Then I said to myself “Pfiu, just a harmless lizard!” Then..I got attacked by a pair of buttlerflies. Quite cute thse ones, but rather aggressive. I think I was on their mating way. I hmmed and moved on to the bin. But there..what do you know? There was a strange lizard / snake just getting its portion of sun. I found it disturbing because I couldn’t make up my mind what it was: moving like a snake, but it had legs. I guess I am just a bloody ignorant when it comes to all these species we don’t have in Europe. 🙂
So I started to sing “It’s jungle out there”..

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Stradbroke Island

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Back to any of my homes, people have started preparing for Christmas, buying presents, setting up the tree, etc. I miss that. But I’m not doing too bad either. 🙂
In this spirit, we went yesterday to the Stradbroke Island. It’s maybe two hours trip from place to place. Not that is so far away from Brisbane, we had to change one bus, one train (to Cleveland), one ferry (to Dunwich) and another bus to Lookout Point on the island.
This island is quite big (see the Wikipedia link) and is full of..nothing. There are actually two areas where people are concentrated: Lookout Point and Amity Point.
Arrrrghh! I don’t feel like giving all these geographical details about the place. The idea is that there is so much wild life there, is so quiet, just a few surfers or fishermen or backpackers. And the beaches!!!! Mmmmm… People back home have asked me “How’s the beach, how’s the ocean?” Well.. they are just perfect! On the eastern part of the island it’s the Main Beach which is…HUGE. Wide and incredibly long. Out of curiosity I checked last night on Google Maps and it’s never ending! It goes on for miles and miles. And yesterday I was actually tempted to walk for as long as I can along this beach hoping I would reach its end. Glad I didn’t do it. 🙂
What else? You will see from the pictures, the landscape is simply breath-taking. Some regions with very steep and beautifully carved shores. We were able to spot dolphins playing in the water, just a few tenths of meters in the open. It’s just impossible to describe how it feels to see animals in their natural habitat. Given the fact that most of the tourists are hypnotized by the Great Barrier, not many of them stop on this island. And that is great because it gave me the opportunity to breathe and enjoy the wilderness in all its splendor.

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