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From Sydney with love

These are the words buzzing in my head after we came back. This city is…let’s just say that if Europe would be half a globe closer to this place, I wouldn’t have any hesitation in picking this one as my home. I kept saying ever since I came that it would be impossible to try and describe it, simply because there are so many things which this palce awakens in me. But I will do my best to do just that.
First of all, I don’t mean to offend any people I met here in Brissie, but Sydney is so much more on so many other levels than Brisbane. It’s huuuge and it has .. lot of sea! I know it sound kind of stupid, but a good part of the city is composed by gulfs and beaches. Check Wiki for more geographical details. And people here knew to make the most of this fortunate situation. There are so many nice landscapes to discover. I was actually telling S. that is not really fair how some cities or countries get it all: beaches, mountains, cristal clear waters and so on.
Yeah..so what did I see? Well..Opera House of course. The glimpse of it just took a genuine „Woaaa“ out of me. It’s exactly as in all the postcards you see. Simply impressive through it’s architecture and location. Now..you will notice that taking pictures of it from the ground level is not an easy job. 😀
Neeeext: the Royal Botanical Gardens. Almost two centuries old. They are located close to the Opera House and are a gorgeous and relaxing walk. So many types of trees, lot of ficus (from the several species we saw there, S. re-named some 🙂 ). I always tought this country is friendly. Now I have the proof: in this place, where one doesn’t have to pay an entrance fee, they invite you to walk on the grass. There are indicators saying just that! Really!
The other really cool thing we saw was the Darling Harbor and the Pyrmonth Bridge, a very touristicky and commercial area, but again..extremly impressive through its immenseness. I kept thinking while on the bridge how would it be to climb over the fence and spread your wings and just go! Fly razor close to all the boats and water (producing the Coanda effect, hihi!), go between the 60 levels high skyscrapers, make people go „Wow!“ Just imagining this made me get the goose-bumps.
Also in this region we got to witness a nice band playing some cool blues in a bar. I got to hear „Let love rule“ sang by a funky blondie.
Chinatown – unimpressive. Just lot of funny talking people and strange looking (and tasting probably too) food. And also lot of odors. Not the nicest ones.. But went away fast. I kept connecting this region with scenes from an action movie, because looking up I could always see some obscure windows making my imagination go wild!
Now…there was a tiny inconvenient: the weather. S. thought Sydney is a very English city. I would agree..in terms of the weather. It was raining 2/3 days. A small, annoying rain which was not making the clothes wet, but just moisty. So we tried to overcome this by going to the aquarium. Sharks, turtles, dugongs and some cool anemonnas. The useful thing I got left with ist hat now I can make the difference between a male and a female shark..
The third day we had luck with some smiley sun so we got up to the 260m high tower to get the incredible panorama. It was breathtaking! As everything else in this city. Go there! Go!

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