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New Year and forever after

I am a bit left behind with all the posts, that is because of my jet-lag..or just laziness.
Well, the passing in 2010 we spent at A. and M.’s place, with delicious food and just a few people. This was the time when I discovered the goose liver pate, from the French guy which is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my life. One has to combine it with the right white wine to make the most of it. Thanks to this nice French guy (or, maybe correctly said, to his parents), we also had that. I had never tried this kind of pate before and…mmmmmmmm…yummy!
At 12 we made our way to the streets and admired the crowd and the firework.. nothing really special.
Actually the entire evening was a bit short for be. My suspicion goes with the Gin some nice thoughtful German fellow brought, which seemed a very constructive solution to the “getting drunk” problem, but not as appropriate to the “stay awake” issue. So I was awaked by S. insisting that we go home. We walked home. 3-4km seems a good approximation of the distance. But, of course..I couldn’t really feel them. Damn that gin! Amazingly enough, didn’t really have any head aches or something the next morning.

So..the 1st of January was more like a resting and packing day, because on the 2nd at 2:45 am was our take off.
This was my adventure in Australia. Before I take a bow and go backstage in your applause, I will take some more time and space to put down some conclusions or other things worth remembering from this trip at the end of the world.

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