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I stayed low for some time because there is nothing to say. On Friday evening – Saturday morning S. arrived. I was pissed at Brisbane public transport because there is no connection with the airport after 8 pm. The only ways to get there are either by bus shuttle – which you have to book 3-4 days in advance – or by cab, having to pay at least 40$. Madness I tell you! From public transport point of view, Brisbane sucks! They go on assuming you have a car… Grrrr!
Well…but I was rewarded with a smile after all this trouble. 🙂
Then..Saturday..party at a fellow PhD student.
Sunday…walking through 35°C and lots of people in the city center. I actually discovered a very good ice-cream from Hungry Jack’s (Australian Burger King): is glazed in chocolate. Yummy!
Today was disappointment time when checking work results. Bleah!
What is funny is that I got to count the Christmas parties. There are no more than 4 we are going to go to. And, of course, all of them not Christmasy like, but with barbecue and beer by the lake or pool. Yabba dabba doo!

I gotta say..I do miss snow and cold, but I know I know..one always wishes for what they don’t have that is why I bought myself a new swimming suit. 😀

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Baby’s got temper

I got home. There’s news about Robbie WIliiams having had proposed to his..girlfriend. Who cares?! I like the bunny videoclip though.

Today was hot, I wasn’t in such a happy place, but not unable to make some notes on the things I saw in the city.
There are tones of optics stores (glasses) downtown. Therefore you think: „How difficult can it be to get a pair of contacts?“ The answer: „Very. You need a prescription!!!!“
Lots of ..different types of people:
–       I saw a self-harmer or how do you call those people who cut themselves?, a woman who had lot of scars all over her forarms and also several fresh wounds. She looked scared, always trying to catch the look of a guy that she was with (he was wearing dark sunglasses, that’s why the woman’s effort seemed hilarious)
–       Several obese people eating disgustingly fat foot. As usual as that might be here, it still surprises me all the time how careless some are about their health.
–       A woman with very high heal sandals, red, stripper like. She was also wearing socks – short white girlie look-a-like with some lace at the margins. In a weird way it looked chic. She also had very nice silver rings (3).
–       The entire trip home (by train) seemed a commercial for Apple: everyone had either an iPHONE or an iPOD. And as much as I like Apple I gotta say, these people here take to the extremes. Of course the iPHONEs are all nice and cool, but they are so pointless when you are a nothing more than..a student for example. It’s just ridiculous!
–       This morning, at the bus station, there was a guy, fat, stretched skin with countless tatoos with skeletons. You could even notice an evolution of the tatooing devices and style one used on his skin.
–       Huge boobs! In the train there was a woman sitting. Since there weren’t any seats left, I was standing beside her. Looking down was………..I simply cannot understand how God makes them so big! 🙂

I don’t know what else..there were more things earlier…Now I am watching John McLane who is going to save the world for the 4th time.

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Saturday – resting day

Resting in the sense that I didn’t go like crazy somewhere. But I did go to a mall to buy some short trousers. Yeah right, of course I ended up buying some hippie colorful ones and some reddish „make love not war“ skirt. But I got used to those deviations. 🙂
I did however find some very ..well..abstract or…inspiring „piece of art“ at the train station: two old sneakers in a Footlocker brand new bag and box.
And..the second thing, I got to see the city center by night, because I was invited to eat the most delicious spaghetti bolognese (they were actually tagliatelle) and the previously mentioned Apfelstrudel. It’s maybe just as fascinating to see the city by night as it is by day. The thing which was very pregnant is that the bars are quite loud. I guess the people here have another notion of party…NICE! 😀

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