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It’s jungle out there

I thought of reporting some funny incident from this morning.
Because the bio-garbage is outside in the backyard I had to get there to throw away the apple leftovers. Just after I put the slippers on, a small (15cm long) lizard just crossed my path. I screamed..actually I squeaked.:) Then I said to myself “Pfiu, just a harmless lizard!” Then..I got attacked by a pair of buttlerflies. Quite cute thse ones, but rather aggressive. I think I was on their mating way. I hmmed and moved on to the bin. But there..what do you know? There was a strange lizard / snake just getting its portion of sun. I found it disturbing because I couldn’t make up my mind what it was: moving like a snake, but it had legs. I guess I am just a bloody ignorant when it comes to all these species we don’t have in Europe. 🙂
So I started to sing “It’s jungle out there”..

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