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So..how’s it going?

People say that here. Often. Instead of ..”Hey, what’s up?”
I don’t really remember what I wanted to write here. It’s late and I should probably sleep, because, as usual, in the morning I never get enough.
Well..yeah..today by the question “How’s it going?”, Michael Smart actually meant “How is the presentation going?” and the answer was “Yeah, fine, I just have to patch some pictures and that’s about it.” – I was asked to give a presentation here…

I am sure this is of absolutely no interest to you, but I thought I should just check in, because I haven’t done it for some time now. I have reached some sort of a plateau..things are happening, but they don’t excite me so much anymore. I cannot wait for this weekend. 2 days of sailing at the Great Barrier Reef..just me and my book and the sun. Hopefully things are gonna settle a bit. It’s just too much information coming from everywhere and it’s exhausting. Sometimes I wish I were…it would be nice if things would just be plain and simple from time to time.

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